Where – Where?!

The project was developed within the GIS-subbotnik — a hackathon dedicated to geoinformation systems.

Developers: Maglov Eduard, Ulyanov Dmitry, Lukyanov Anton, Victor Mozzherin, Rechkina Elena, Bobrovitskaya Olga, Vlasov Alexey, Sazonova Anna, Timkina Antonina

Implementation stages: 2016 — development and publication of the service.

The “Where-Where?” resource is intended for opinions collection about topics of citizens interest in the form of surveys. This is an interactive platform designed to identify the opinions of citizens. The service allows to determine the spatial and mental city perception by residents through the formation of thematic surveys with georeferenced responses and their subsequent analytical processing.

The thematic polls consist of the answers that are suggested to be drawn on the map, based on personal opinion, experience and knowledge.

Received answers are combined into a common contour and a city map emerges, as the it is seen by inhabitants. The result is a “general statistical” opinion, in other words, the majority opinion.


The mental map of the Omsk city was built on the base of data obtained during the survey, including the use of the interactive “Where-Where?” platform. A mental map or a map of the urban environment perception is a reflection of the emotional citizens attitude to the territory, that allows to identify informal areas and criteria for assessing the quality of the urban environment.