The web platform on the basis of which solutions are developed for the collection, storage, analysis and visualization of data on digital maps.

Geometa can be adapted to solve the problems of real estate, retail, mobile communications, logistics, agriculture and forestry – wherever spatial data analysis is needed.

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State system for ensuring urban development

Web solution for spatial planning and management. Generates a single database of the territory of the city and region, automates the maintenance of urban planning documentation, the preparation of reports and the provision of state and municipal services in electronic form.

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Executive authorities

The State ISOGD helps to make managerial decisions based on data analytics, make urban planning policies transparent and attract investments.

Residents and companies

It helps to quickly draw up urban planning documents without queues, make a decision on the construction or purchase of real estate in a particular region.

City analytics

A service that helps to collect and analyze spatial data about a particular city from various sources: public maps, state registries, social networks and geographic information systems.

The results of urban analytics are used to calculate the urban environment quality index, solve municipal problems and develop development strategies. Changes in all indicators can be tracked in dynamics to assess progress.

Our other products


Service for planning cargo transportation. Helps to create an optimal schedule, redistribute cargo flows and reduce transport company costs.

State cadastral valuation

Service for assessing the cadastral value of real estate. It helps to calculate the value of real estate based on spatial analysis, geodata and market data.


Service for systematization of data on distributed objects, land plots, terms of use of the territory, construction.