Our products

Gems Development specializes in the development, implementation and support of geoinformation systems and services. Our projects are based on modern and functional software that allows to solve the automating processes tasks of varying complexity in a short time, taking into account the industry specifics and the customers wishes.


Geoinformation analytical GeoMeta platform is the decision to create a multi-user a web-based application for monitoring, updating and analyzing information, with subsystems of import, integration, storage and analytical data processing on the server side, as well as tools for creating interactive map applications in the Internet.


IAS "Gradostroystvo" is a family of software products for the creation of information analytical management systems of the cities and regions territory development. The software is intended for integrated automation of urban planning activity, including the solution of tasks:

  • automation of ISOGD management with spatial data
  • data monitoring of the current territory state
  • automation of the providing municipal services processes, drawings formation, analytical and statistical reports formation.