Company Mission

To create beautiful and fast information systems that ensure the updating, analysis and visualization of varied data, helping to solve our customer's tasks. With the help of IT solutions to increase the quality of company management, and the life quality of customers of these companies, whether they are users of individual corporate services or the population of cities.

To create the conditions in which our employees and customers can reveal their potential, combine their own strengths and talents with knowledge from other areas within the framework of projects on creation of complex information management systems.

Company History

The company "Gems development" was established in 2017 by the employees of "Institute of Territorial Planning "Grad", ltd. in Omsk. Successful work of Grad’s IT department, positive reputation among customers and partners, high specialists’ qualification and accumulated experience became a basis for the creation of "Gems development", ltd. The core of the "Gems development" team has been working together on the creation of systems since 2010.

Since 2017 the company is based in the West Siberian Innovation Center in Tyumen. The company is a resident of the Tyumen Technopark.


The company "Gems development" develops, supports and implements geoinformation systems and services on the basis of its own development and partner’s solutions.

Geoinformation platform GeoMeta is a solution for creating multi-user web applications for monitoring, updating and analyzing various of information, with import, integration, storage and analytical data processing subsystems on the server.

GeoMeta combines:

  • Geoinformation system (GIS) with advanced tools for spatial analysis, geocoding and visual data representation
  • Modeling system and business process automation system
  • Input, quality control and analysis system for spatial and descriptive data
  • System of electronic document management and business process automation
  • Integration subsystem for receiving data from external information systems
  • Access control and security system.

The key advantage of GeoMeta is its high ability to adapt to the tasks and essence of different subject areas: city and regions management, real estate market, project activity, transport, energy, logistics, etc.

"Gems development" is a distributor of software for automation of urban planning activities of information analytical systems (IAS) "Gradoustroistvo" (rightholder is “ITP “Grad”, Omsk). On this platform we design and implement information analytical systems in the area of​​ territorial development management (IAS URT) and information systems for urban development activities (ISOGD) of regional and municipal levels.

We offer to our customers a comprehensive approach to the creation of geoinformation analytical systems and provide the following services:

  • Conducting a survey of business processes and information resources of the customer
  • Processing of information resources, their preparation for further use and updating in the information system
  • Software delivery and adaptation
  • Automation of the customer's business processes
  • Integration of third-party software with created systems
  • Development of specialized software by customer requirements, including public services and mobile applications
  • Designing and implementing algorithms for processing heterogeneous datasets with their visualization in space
  • User training, design of the certification system and certification
  • Preparation of concise and understandable documentation for the created solutions
  • Consulting and technical support of products.

Gems development specialists have many years of successful experience in projects to create multi-user information and analytical systems of cities and regions management and have the competence to provide a full range of services — from conducting the research of automation objects to developing applied solutions, designing data structures, implementing algorithms for their processing and visualization, automation of current business processes in the following subject areas:

  • Information systems for urban development
  • Territorial planning and urban zoning
  • Property management, automation of inventory processes
  • Road infrastructure and transport
  • Improvement of public services and landscaping, street lighting
  • Communal infrastructure
  • Social infrastructure
  • Economy, advertising, non-stationary trade objects
  • Demography
  • Apartment buildings, overhaul, dilapidated and crash housing.

Not limited to this, we are always open to immersion in the specifics and problems of our customers and to the implementation of our software together with partner-integrators, professionals in other subject areas.

Company values

To preserve and develop our team, to improve professional knowledge and skills, to use modern technologies, to disseminate best practices, to support initiatives aimed at preserving the values that we share: professionalism, partnership, friendship, nature, humanism, historical and cultural heritage of our civilization, development scientific and technical progress.

Company partners

The Institute of Territorial Planning "Grad" is one of the largest project institutes in the field of territorial planning in the Russian Federation. The company carries out development of integrated projects of management of territory development, and also develops:

  • Strategies of social and economic development
  • Territorial planning schemes of the Russian Federation subjects and municipalities
  • Master plans
  • Programs for integrated development of transport, communal and social infrastructure systems
  • Projects of investment development
  • Land Use and Building Regulations
  • Planning and land surveying projects
  • Standards of urban planning
  • Information systems, including automated ISOGD.

"Gems development" commissioned by "ITP "Grad" performs activities on the development, implementation and maintenance of the information and analysis system "Gradoustroistvo", as well as activities on automation tasks of urban planning and algorithmic data processing.