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Design, develop and implement the geoinformation systems and services that help people.


Activity types

Data processing

Analysis, systematization and processing of information resources, the solution of information exchange integrated tasks


Design and development geoinformation systems and processes management systems on the GeoMeta platform


Deploying software packages on the client infrastructure or in cloud services, staff training and maintenance support

IT consulting

Comprehensive business process, information resources and systems survey. Design of information models and development planning


Development of specialized software by customer requirements

Our team

Senior Analyst
Senior Analyst
Фото Левченко Анна
Chief Technical Officer
Фото Викулов Виктор
Chief Analyst
Фото Пономарева Ирина
System Administrator
Popov Nikolay
Lead Engineer-Analyst
Фото Переверзева Елена
Software Developer
Senior Software Developer
Фото Благодарев Денис

Our team has many years of experience and we are glad to share it

We deeply study the client's subject area to create the best solution

We are able to work with various data storage systems and information security systems

We build cooperation with partners from related spheres for an integrated solution

We support the processes of operating our solutions so to keep the client for a whole life